Whatever your size or business type, your views matter to us.

We will give your business a voice – locally, regionally and nationally. We will champion your cause and be a platform for your ideas and concerns.

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber can ensure you are kept up-to-date with government initiatives, lobby on your behalf with key decision makers and represent you in various local, sub-regional or regional bodies so your views aren’t ignored.

Leeds Waterfront

Leeds City Council has set a corporate objective of being the “best city” in the UK by 2030. The city has experienced significant growth over the last twenty five years, and has positioned itself as one of the key economic centres in the north of England. 

Find out more about Leeds Waterfront campaign

Liveability Leeds

The right housing development in the right places, with the right supporting infrastructure, brought forward to meet the needs of existing and future communities, will not only be a catalyst for neighbourhood prosperity but is so fundamental to realising the ambitions for city-wide economic growth as set out within the Council’s Inclusive Growth Strategy.  

Find out more about the Liveability Leeds report

Employment Land Report

Bradford’s economic growth strategy makes reference to the bringing forward of employment land and office accommodation to support new and existing business growth.

Find out more about the Employment Land report

Policy Updates

Monthly updates of West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce lobbying and representation activities.

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Leading the way in policy and influence.

Property Forums

Property Forums provide a networking platform and an information-sharing opportunity for organisations in the property and construction sector.

Discover more about Bradford Property ForumLeeds Property ForumYork Property Forum

Leadership Groups

Members set the agenda, drive policy formation and assist representation activity through local Leadership Groups in Bradford, Leeds and York & North Yorkshire.

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Quarterly Economic Survey

The best business barometer

European issues and debates

West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, along with our national network through the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), is focused on the practicalities of Brexit for business.

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British Chambers of Commerce

West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is affiliated to the British Chambers of Commerce.

This relationship underpins and extends our lobbying activity, making sure we are the voice of business in the corridors of power.

Find out about the British Chambers of Commerce network.

Northern Powerhouse – What is it?

The Government’s intention to re-balance the nation’s economy through policy initiatives includes its ‘Northern Powerhouse’ idea; but what is it?

Further information on the Chamber’s involvement with the Northern Powerhouse. 

Infrastructure in West & North Yorkshire

Transport connectivity and the ability to move goods and people in, around and across our region is regularly cited by members as something which must be improved. Here you will find information on the latest Chamber policy activity.

Find out about the Chamber’s interest in infrastructure.

Developing workforce skills

Access to a talented workforce is often cited by Chamber members as a barrier to growth. In this section we include links to current activity and issues of relevance to business.

Developing links between education and business.


Practical help improving business-education links

A booklet has been produced to help businesses and young people in Bradford come closer together and understand each others’ needs in relation to work.

Working for links between business and education.

High Speed Rail

HS2 is proposed to be built in two phases, with the Parliamentary Bill for phase 1 from London to Birmingham currently passing through the House of Lords.

Phase two will see HS2 travel onwards from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds, arriving in approximately 2033.

Current information on High Speed Rail.