York tourism campaign welcomed

West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the announcement, being made today, that a new national marketing campaign for York is to be launched.

The announcement is being made today (20 Jan) by Visit York, at its annual conference at the Racecourse.  It will be welcomed by many businesses across the city affected by the recent floods.  The floods not only affected businesses directly by making them unable to trade through excess water on their premises.  City centre firms have also complained about the lack of footfall since Boxing Day at an already difficult time of year for trading – those in particular have been calling for a campaign to address that problem.

Then there are also those not flooded directly, but have had access to their shops or other premises restricted or halted due to flooding to nearby streets.

York Central MP Rachael Maskell has been hosting a series of meetings to gather the views and problems of businesses and residents in the affected areas, and the Chamber attended one of those on 15 January.  There was widespread criticism of the decision to raise the Foss barrier, although the Environment Agency claimed it had little or no option due to flooding in the pump station.

The new marketing campaign will include a strong focus on social media, and a targeting of potential international markets.

Read more on the York Press website here.