TV Licensing Rules for World Cup Viewing

The rugby world cup is well-underway and researchers claim that only one in three employees feeling informed of the rules when it comes to watching live TV at work. As a response, TV Licensing has developed a Workplace Viewing Guide to provide step-by-step guidance.
Not all businesses allow employees to watch TV and research suggests many employees may be unsure whether they are allowed to watch at work.

Matt Thompson spokesperson for TV Licensing in the North, said:
“Employers may bring TVs in to the workplace for the World Cup or let staff watch on their computers and or they may not allow viewing at all. It’s important that businesses communicate their policy to staff and managers know the law around viewing live TV in the workplace. A TV Licence is required if anyone – staff or customers – watches or records TV programmes at the same time as they are shown on TV, whether on a TV, tablet, computer or any other type of equipment2. Business owners and managers can visit and download the Workplace Viewing Guide to display in the workplace, so it’s clear when a licence is needed.”

Your licence for your home address covers you to watch live TV on any equipment away from your address as long as it is powered by batteries. If it is plugged into the mains, you need to be covered by a licence at the place you are using it.

For more information call the TV Licensing press office on 020 8752 6606 or email