The Challenge of Brexit for the North – conference in Leeds

Businesses are being invited to attend a conference in Leeds in September to discuss the challenge of Brexit specifically on the North of England.

The full-day conference, at Leeds University on 20 September, will feature business leaders, academics and politicians, and will address areas such as education and skills, energy and infrastructure, and possible impact on investment.  The focus is specifically on Brexit’s impact on the North, and has been organised by a new network of academics and policy-makers, Global Policy North.

Lord Jim O’Neill, former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and one of the architects of the Northern Powerhouse concept, said:

“Brexit shouldn’t be seen as an excuse for anything, whatever the rights and wrongs of that vote. Perhaps if the Northern Powerhouse idea had taken off a few years earlier than it did, perhaps northern voters might have swung the vote the other way. In this regard, my main message, is, even as an objective remainer in that vote, I believe that dealing with our weak productivity, regional inequality, education, skills, transport and leadership challenges, are much bigger issues that the UK has to sort out, and now the realities of Brexit make that even more stark.”

Hilary Benn, Member of Parliament, said:

“Brexit will have a considerable impact on all of our lives and on the economy of the North. It’s vital that we get the best deal we can for jobs and investment.”

Lord O’Neill and Hilary Benn are both speaking at the conference.

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