Support for investment in York Central from the Chamber

Leeds, York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce has voiced its support for the City of York Council’s plan to “earmark” £10m, from the Economic Investment Fund (EIF), for York Central.   The Chamber feels it is vital for York’s future prosperity and growth that this important city centre site is finally unlocked and development opportunities are delivered.

Susie Cawood, Head of the York & North Yorkshire Chamber said: “The Chamber is delighted that the City of York Council is demonstrating its commitment to economic growth and job creation by investing in infrastructure to allow access to what is one of the largest city centre brownfield sites in Europe.

“Further employment and residential sites are needed to enable York to continue to economically outperform other parts of the country.  Successful cities are open to change and York needs to build on its successes by investing in large-scale development projects and ensure, that as a city, we have the groundwork in place to capitalise on future growth opportunities.”  She added:  “It’s also essential to ensure that the transport infrastructure is in place to support development projects.”