Stability needed from new government

Following what was predicted to be the closest election in a generation it is clear that the Conservative party have been given a mandate to take bold and important decisions.

Speaking on the results, Gerald Jennings, President of  Leeds Chamber said: “Policies are needed that address the need to rebalance the UK economy  so that we have an economy to which all parts of the UK contribute to long term economic success and that allow Business to can get on with the job of Business. We will work with the new government to ensure that policies to invest in the transport infrastructure, to provide more housing and improve the skills of the workforce are implemented.”

Suzanne Burnett, President of York & North Yorkshire Chamber said: “We need to build on progress of the last five years and ensure the incoming government sets the conditions where our country encourages a culture of entrepreneurism, where our businesses look to the rest of the world as a potential marketplace, where our young people leave school with the skills and qualities they need to set out on dynamic, rewarding careers.”

Paul Mackie, President at, Bradford Chamber said: “It’s crucial the new government remembers the pain of the recent past and the fundamental causes of the recession. Looking to the future we need to see action to ensure improving skills in the workforce, investment in long term transport infrastructure and policies which facilitate economic growth.”

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber looks forward to George Osborne fulfilling his pledge to build the Northern Powerhouse and we stand ready to support policies which bring investment to Yorkshire.