Queen’s Speech: Info & Chamber Reaction

A bill-by-bill account of the details of today’s Queen’s Speech can be found here.

The reaction of West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is here:

Andrew Lindsay, Chairman of West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, said:

“The Government has spoken on its plans – we now need to see delivery on growth.  Sustainable growth that will create a stronger platform for businesses across West & North Yorkshire, to create more wealth, entrepreneurship, exports and ultimately, jobs.  We welcome the plans to have more local decision-making and cut red tape, and to ease the housing crisis and make young people more work-ready.  However, these are all promises that we have heard before – not necessarily from just a Conservative administration, but certainly from previous incoming governments; and so businesses will remain sceptical until results are delivered.

“Many businesses want reform of the UK’s relationship with the EU – not withdrawal, but less regulation and safeguards for those members not in the euro-zone.  Business uncertainty could be reduced by having a referendum on EU membership sooner, rather than later; although not until the hot air and rhetoric has faded to provide more clarity.

“The new government has stated its intentions – now we need to see action that demonstrates the Cabinet is proactive, pro-business and pro-the North.”

The reaction of the British Chambers of Commerce can be found here.

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