Practical help improving business-education links

A booklet has been produced to help businesses and young people in Bradford come closer together and understand each others’ needs in relation to work.

As well as championing how and why the nurturing of better business-education links is important, the booklet also gives plenty of examples of activities and programmes by which this can happen.

The booklet (known as the Prospectus of the Education Covenant) highlights ways of bridging the gap between school and building a career.  With many businesses saying that job candidates and interviewees are un-ready for work or simply unsuitable, attempts to address this problem are long over-due (though acknowledged, hence the production of this Prospectus).

The Prospectus provides information on:

  • who a particular programme will benefit (pupil, parent, teacher, for example)
  • what core knowledge/skills will be developed
  • what stage of the learner journey is supported (e.g. career awareness, exploration or preparation)
  • what sector is involved
  • how a programme is delivered, and other details.

The Prospectus, produced by Bradford Council, can be found online here, or if you wish to speak to someone from Bradford Council about it, call 01274 439554 or email here.