Paul Mackie Retires from Rex Procter & Partners

In the Chamber’s February policy bulletin, we said that former Bradford President Paul Mackie had left Rex Procter & Partners to pursue other alternatives.

Paul, in fact, leaves the construction consultancy at the end of March and takes up the post of Executive Chairman with Skipton Properties in April.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to Paul, Rex Procter & Partners and Skipton Properties.

The full statement made by Rex Procter & Partners about the announcement is below.

Paul Mackie Retires from Rex Procter & Partners

At the end of March 2016, after more than 25 years of service, Rex Procter & Partners will say goodbye to Paul Mackie. As Chairman for many years, Paul has led the strategic development and growth of the business, with Andrew Cooper and the other Executive Directors, and leaves the business in a strong and healthy financial position, despite ongoing challenges in the market place.

As one of Bradford’s most prominent business people, Paul has been a great supporter of Bradford for over 25 years and has had a positive impact on the local community, holding many influential roles within Bradford’s business networks. Paul currently sits on the Board of the West and North Yorkshire Chamber representing business interests in Leeds, Bradford and York, and was, until recently, the President of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce.

Despite Paul’s recent recovery from prostate cancer, his decision to retire from the business does not mean that he will be putting his feet up! He hopes to be involved in future business ventures with his two sons, Tom and Jack, and will be taking up a new part time position as Executive Chairman at regional house-builder, Skipton Properties. Paul has a long-standing relationship with the Managing Director, Brian Verity and we are pleased to have the opportunity of continued contact with Paul after his departure from the business and to maintain the relationship between Rex Procter & Partners and Skipton Properties.

The Executive Board fully support Paul’s wishes to retire from the business and have been working closely with him, extending over a 3 year period, to maximise opportunities for the business as a whole.  Executive Directors Joe Deegan, Alex Blenard and John Crowther have worked with Paul throughout his time at RPP in Bradford and are continuing the work out of the Bradford office, seeking to develop the company’s market share and other business related services in Bradford and surrounding areas.

Rex Procter & Partners are recognised as one of the largest Construction Consultants in the North of England and are committed to growing the London and Marlow offices to reflect this, with the intention to become a business of equal strength nationally.
The time is now right for the next stage of succession planning to begin. The business is in a strong position and, with the next five-year plan emerging, the ambition to be a national organisation operating from well-founded, regional offices, remains on track.  Strengthening of the company’s middle management structure is key to the vision and strategy for the next five years and puts us in a strong position for the future, ensuring the capacity to deliver our trademark first class service.