New website for party planners

A local entrepreneurial pair have launched a new comparison site for children’s party packages around West Yorkshire with the plan to expand nationwide

The co-founders who have been trading as Rising Kite in the software and website development area, Marek Setnicka and Adam Barrett, were inspired to set up the site after realising how time-consuming a process it was for parents to make arrangements for their children’s’ parties.

“Children’s parties delivered by professional entertainers, sport organisations, local councils, charities and other providers are becoming increasing popular, and with an ever-expanding choice it is important to shop around to make sure you get the perfect party for your child, and at the best price.

“The first thing we noticed is how little information there was generally available on party provider websites with regards to available packages, prices and other details. This means that there is lots of ringing around needed to find this information, hoping to catch someone when they are not busy running a party. We then started to realise how difficult some party providers were to discover in the first place. This is particularly true for organisations where parties are a sideline, for example equine welfare charities that offer pony pampering parties, but it holds true for any kids’ party provider who is not large and does not have money to advertise or invest into a great website.”, says Marek.

With their background in software development, Marek and Adam saw this a great opportunity to put their skills to good use, creating a site that is useful for parents and at the same time providing a helping hand for other local business through promotion of their services, enabling them to compete with larger providers. The site would be a search tool for parents to quickly find the details of all the party providers and suitable children’s party packages in their area, simply by entering a postcode.

Working from their respective home offices, communicating mainly via Skype, the pair started development of the site, enlisting the help of a neighbour to gather all the information for the listings. A few months later, the website was launched with the unusual name ‘’.

Co-founder Adam Barrett explained: “The word ‘snozzcumber’ was invented by Roald Dahl and used in his funny and famous children’s book, Big Friendly Giant, The BFG. Dahl envisaged a Snozzcumber as giant cucumber-like vegetable of questionable flavour. We wanted a memorable and playful name for the site, and when this lovely word cropped up during our brainstorming sessions, and we saw the domain name was available, we snapped it up.”

The pair’s focus now is to promote the to get as many parents using the site to find and book parties as possible. To speed up the growth of the site, party providers can currently sign up to be listed on the site free-of-charge.

Currently, there are 49 party packages of all kinds available in the Leeds area. The page listing the children’s parties in Leeds can be found here or for Bradford here.