New procurement policy aims to boost Bradford businesses

Bradford Council has a new procurement policy aimed at providing more contracts for locally-based businesses.

The new policy was introduced in April 2018, although we may have to wait some time before we see the full benefits (*).  The major change in the policy is to award additional ‘credit’, above a certain contract price level, to bidders providing ‘social value’ within their communities of the Bradford District.

A range of social value measures are included for bidders to choose from (31 in total), and the number needed including in a bid increase as the value rises.  The policy follows Bradford Council’s intention to increase the level of spending with local suppliers from 47% to 60% within five years.

Details of the policy will be presented at a Chamber of Commerce meeting of Bradford Professionals’ Network on 16 May (7.30-9am), and steps are being taken to help and guide firms that have not bid for public sector contracts before, or been unsuccessful.  It is now hoped that exchange of good practices will take place with other ‘anchor institutions’ in the District, in order to boost economic growth and business support.

One local company has already benefitted from the policy, and more are expected to follow in due course.   The new social value policy is being implemented no contracts above £25,000. (The full name of the policy is ‘Social Value & Inclusive Growth’.)

For more details about the Chamber event on 16 May, call 01274 206660, or email

The new Council policy is online here

(* = The reason we may have to wait some time before recognising full benefits are as follows:  The Council has around 4,500 suppliers, of which 1,200 are paid more than £25,000 per year.  Around 300-350 contracts are provided each year, and therefore implementing social value into the majority of Council contracts may take 4-5 years.)