Leeds city centre BID ballot given green light

On 19th November Leeds City Council executive board backed the latest proposals to create a Business Improvement District (BID) in the city centre. As part of the process the council has also approved a baseline agreement on services for the city centre which it would continue to provide if the BID is successful at ballot. The ballot is scheduled to take place in February 2015 and subject to a positive vote the BID would come into existence in April 2015.

The new body, named BID4Leeds, would be a private sector-led partnership of city centre businesses and landowners owned and directed by levy payers, whose aim will be to improve and promote the city centre as a successful business location, a source of job creation, a place to study and as a leading retail, leisure, cultural and visitor destination.

The BID has received support from a wide range of city centre businesses through the consultation phase including office, retail and leisure sector companies. Speaking on the announcement from Leeds City Council, John Bywater, Chairman of BID4Leeds said:

‘I see the BID as an important step for Leeds city centre to create coordinated leadership and to secure investment. It is an exciting time for Leeds and it is fantastic to have support from Leeds City Council for our proposed business plan, which will be issued to potential BID businesses in the near future. This business plan, if voted for in February, will help create even greater collaboration between the public and private sector in Leeds and a stronger future for our City.”

The full business plan will be mailed to voters over the next month and an electronic version will be available atwww.bid4leeds.com in the next two weeks.

If you would like more information please email enquiries@bid4leeds.com