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January is often a time of reflection when many people decide to make changes and address problems in their personal relationships.

Whether you are thinking about ending your marriage, dissolving your civil partnership, need a prenuptial agreement or a cohabitation agreement, or want to change your name, the family law team Ware & Kay Solicitors are here to help.

Robert Bellhouse and Iain Cutts, Family Solicitors at Ware & Kay in York and Wetherby, understand that it can be very difficult to make decisions about your relationships especially when it affects your children and your future financial stability.

“Relationship breakdown brings many worries for couples regarding their financial security, the family home, where the children will live and even implications for a family-owned business.  Not knowing the answers to many of these questions adds to the stress and strain.  It’s at precisely this time that you need advice you can rely on from someone you can trust” says Robert.

To help you get advice when you need it most, Ware & Kay Solicitors Family Department are available for a confidential discussion about your situation. Our highly experienced Family Solicitors will outline your options based on your particular circumstances and provide an indication of the likely costs if you decide to go ahead with an agreed course of action.

At Ware & Kay, we offer many different ways of dealing with family law issues. Where possible we will explore ways of maintaining good communication between couples, which can be especially important if there are children involved.
Robert Bellhouse is a trained mediator and collaborative lawyer, and can recommend whether the new routes of mediation or collaborative law are suitable to help you find solutions to your family problems.

Both avenues aim to put you in control of negotiations, and empower you to make decisions together. You will still have access to independent legal advice throughout.  Mediation or collaborative law are particularly suitable for:
• working out the terms of a trial separation;
• dividing assets on divorce;
• deciding arrangements for children;
• agreeing the terms of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement; and
• creating a cohabitation agreement.

If mediation or collaborative law are not suitable for you, our highly experienced Solicitors offer excellent advice and representation in court proceedings.

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Both Robert Bellhouse and Iain Cutts have extensive experience in all aspects of relationship breakdown. If you would like advice on separation or divorce please contact Robert or Iain on 01904 716000, or you can email either Robert or Iain confidentially at or
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