EU vote tightens, say survey results

EU panellists at Yorkshire Building Society, Leeds

The results of the latest EU survey by the British Chambers of Commerce shows the voting intentions of businesses are tightening.

A high percentage seem set on how they intend to vote on 23 June, with only 10% saying they are undecided.

Adam Marshall of BCC is urging the government secures a ‘business as usual’ agenda as soon as possible:

“Whichever outcome prevails, Westminster must shift its attention back to the economy on June 24 without delay. Growth is softening, and Westminster’s referendum ‘tunnel vision’ over the past year has meant that far too many key economic issues have been given short shrift or delayed altogether.”

Read more on the EU survey results on the BCC website here.

Picture caption: Taken at the Chamber EU debate on 28 April, the line-up features, left-right, John Grogan, Timothy Kirkhope, Andrew McPhillips, Len Tingle, Jon Moynihan & Philip Davies.