Ensure you are not on HR’s Naughty List this Christmas

The office party at Christmas is supposed to be a time to celebrate the successes of the year … let your hair down and relax … but not too much, or you’ll be seeing in the new year with HR!

Businesses are often confused about their liabilities at the office party but ​employment law is clear: the office party is seen to be an extension of the workplace regardless of the venue and timing.  Employers shouldn’t be nervous… instead follow these simple tips to ensure that you avoid being on HR’s naughty list in 2016:

  1. If you are supplying alcohol; you may be legally responsible for the employee’s welfare so think about sensible volumes
  2. Think about accommodation and travel for those employees who are drinking
  3. As Managers, you should avoid discussing employment matters such as salary, promotion, transfers, grievances etc … particularly as you might not recall the conversation later!
  4. You may want to limit the mistletoe; unwanted sexual harassment is not a good recipe for the new year
  5. Have a great night – celebrate and congratulate your teams’ successes – but if there are complaints … investigate them immediately and follow a fair and proper process

The Chamber’s free legal and HR helpline provider, Qdos would like to wish members a very merry Christmas and encourage you to make 2016 a winning year by ensuring that your HR strategy is working in line with your business strategy. Give Qdos a call on 01455 852028 to discuss how they can help you.