Delegation – when SME owners can’t do it all

Ask any small business owner and they’ll no doubt tell you that setting up on your own brings pressure like no other. In short, you’re suddenly responsible for your own livelihood and all decisions rest on your shoulders. This pressure is unrelenting too, and as your business grows so do the risks. Pressure can drive you to thrive and we know from our own research* that SME owners are flourishing as the greater responsibility and freedom they are afforded spurs productivity and their overall wellbeing. However, there is a balance that should be recognised between taking the lead and managing the pressure and associated stress of spreading yourself too thinly. AXA PPP healthcare’s research also revealed that a third of SME owners felt they could delegate more, and nearly half believed that their work spilled over into their home life.

*This research was conducted in June 2015 on behalf of AXA PPP healthcare among owners of businesses employing 30 or fewer staff.

Prioritising who is responsible for specific job functions can help in fostering workplace wellbeing. It gives autonomy to others and leaves you with more time to concentrate on where you can add value. Therefore, SME owners have an opportunity not only to increase their own wellbeing and productivity but also that of their team and, in doing so, the overall health and prosperity of their business.

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