Councils call for local setting of business rate

We’re not sure if our members would fully concur with the figures, but a new report says that more than two-thirds of UK businesses agree that councils should be able to set business rates locally in discussion with local businesses.

The Local Government Association (LGA), representing councils in England and Wales, has called for councils to be devolved powers to set business rates.

Polling for the LGA, by ComRes, found 68% of those responding agree that business rates should be set locally in discussion with local businesses.  Just 7% disagreed.

Currently, government sets the rates charge and keeps half of business rate income and growth – extra income earned from new business premises – which it redistributes to local authorities in grants.  This restricts the ability of councils to reduce business rates for the types of shops and businesses that residents want in their high streets and neighbourhoods, help new firms open and keep small businesses alive.

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