Choosing a good architect? Ask Allan!

We all know how and where to find a good architect…don’t we?!

Just in case you don’t, see Bradford Property Forum Vice-Chair Allan Booth’s top three tips on choosing a good one, when he took part in the Chamber’s radio show recently.

Visit the Chamber’s YouTube channel here.

Note: The show is broadcast on Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB Radio – 106.6FM) on a regular basis, with business guests like Allan taking part each month.  The show – fronted by a Chamber staff member – focuses on topical business news and current affairs, but also covers the arts, sport, tourism, education, politics as and when required.  As the Chamber’s Marketing Manager, Darren Precious always says, the programme is “not afraid to tackle the big issues of the day!”

Allan Booth is a Director at Saltaire-based architects Rance Booth Smith.