Chamber comment on stalled York Local Plan

The York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is extremely disappointed that the York Local Plan process has stalled yet again.  Eamonn Keogh, Chair of the Chamber York Property Forum said: “The city needs to have the framework in place to capitalise on future growth opportunities and support development that will attract investment and business growth and create employment opportunities for the city’s young people.  Regardless of party politics it is imperative that York has a Local Plan to enable responsible and sustainable future development.

He added: “We can promote our skilled workforce and strengths in science and technology, but these will be overshadowed by a cautious attitude to development and a lack of employment sites, housing and new infrastructure without a Local Plan in place.  Successful cities are open to change and it is clear that York has to build on its successes as opposed to stand still and admire what is now.

“The lack of a coherent strategy for the future development and growth of the city creates uncertainty that will deter inward investors and inhibit the growth of the economy at a time when it is vital to attract inward investment to maintain growth which is vital to the continued prosperity of the City”