Business Fraud – Be Aware!

Several recent high value frauds have targeted businesses in Leeds.

Goods have been purchased from a number of different companies by an unknown male with an Asian accent using a non-Asian sounding name ordering via telephone. These goods are paid for using a MasterCard. This card is authorised for use by the bank and the goods have been collected by another unknown male in a white Mercedes Sprinter van.

Some of the goods to the value of £22,000 have been obtained from one company using credit card payment over the phone. Payment has not been received in the company bank account from the transaction. The male will ring up numerous times using different MasterCard details but will provide the same personal details.

In the example provided, it was six transactions all close together not just one, keeping the value below the card limit each time.

Please be aware that when credit cards are accepted as payment over the phone, “customer not present”, they are not covered by the bank and they will not pay you out in the event of a fraudulent transaction. Check your company policy regarding over the phone transactions. We suggest that online payments are considered as these will be protected by the banks.

Should you receive any unusual or large one off orders for goods, please carry out due diligence for the transaction and try to secure payment prior to releasing any goods or services.

This message comes from West Yorkshire Police.