Bradford Strategy launch sees Chamber out in force

Representatives of West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce have helped celebrate the launch of Bradford’s new economic strategy.

A formal event saw business representatives from many sectors, plus partners such as key education institutions, hear from senior Council personnel, while a panel of business people espoused the merits of living and working in the District.

The new document was put together following a series of consultations and workshops in recent weeks and months.  The strategy identifies the city’s opportunities and challenges, but is also an aide-memoire to help attract new investment into the area.

Chamber representatives included Chief Executive Sandy Needham, Bradford President Nick Garthwaite, and Policy & Representation team members Mark Goldstone and Mike Cartwright.  Also present was Bradford Property Forum chair, Allan Booth of Rance Booth Smith Architects.

Nick Garthwaite, Bradford Chamber President, said afterwards:

“I think it’s important for a city like Bradford to have a vision, to have aspirations on how it wants to change over the next generation, but that vision needs to match the city’s own characteristics.  A lot of work went into creating the strategy, involving lots of different partners and stakeholders from within the District, and the document is probably more than the sum of its parts.  It features many of the city’s qualities, while highlighting the challenges we face as we strive to become more successful; so it’s a tool that can be used to help market Bradford, while also a guide to help deliver more growth and prosperity in the future. We’re pleased to have contributed to the discussions that have helped put the strategy together.”

Targets in the strategy include:

  • Raise GVA by £4bn
  • Get 20,000 more people into work
  • Raise the skills level of 48,000 more people to NVQ3

In a nod towards the importance of the Northern Powerhouse idea and cross-country co-operation, keynote speaker was Manchester Council Leader, Sir Richard Leese.

A PDF version is available here.

Panellists (L-R): Caroline Pullich, Barclays; Kamran Rashid, entrepreneur; Roger Marsh, LEP Chair; Amir Hussain, Yeme Architects; Lisa Leighton, Morrisons; Kersten England, Bradford Council.