BCC on new PM

On the day that Theresa May is expected to become Prime Minister, the BCC today (Wednesday) offers its congratulations, and willingness to work to build a strong partnership between business and government:

“On behalf of the Chamber Network and business communities across the UK, we congratulate Theresa May on becoming Conservative Party Leader and our next Prime Minister.

“At this time of transition and change, we offer Mrs May our support and assistance with the weighty tasks that lie ahead.

“The watchwords for business remain stability, clarity and action. Mrs May and her new administration must work to bring stability to markets, clarity on the timetable for changes to our relationship with Europe, and action on the many issues that matter for growth.

“Business people want Westminster to lead by example in the coming weeks. Bold decisions to progress key infrastructure and construction projects, guarantees for EU nationals working in British firms, and a commitment to seek the best possible terms of trade for the future would be an excellent start. Positive, visible steps to support business and trade would shore up both confidence and investment at a critical time, and are surely a better course than continued parliamentary inaction and uncertainty.

“We look forward to a positive and open dialogue with Mrs May on the issues that matter to business communities in all parts of the UK as she builds a new government. The need for a strong partnership between business and government, to boost both confidence and competitiveness, is now greater than ever.”