Action Call, Fri 16 Sep: #GreatNorthExpo2018

Businesses are being asked to get behind Bradford’s bid to host the Great Exhibition of the North.

On Friday 16 September, people are asked to state on social media platform Twitter how and why Bradford should host the exhibition in 2108. The volume of activity will be assessed and form part of the criteria for judging which city will host the event.  Bradford is on a shortlist of four along with Blackpool, Newcastle-Gateshead and Sheffield. (Each of the four cities has a separate ‘social media activity day’ when they’re assessed.)

Using the following hashtags, #BradfordGXn and #GreatNorthExpo2018 you should give examples of what you like about Bradford or why it would make a great host.

Examples could include:

  • Statistics/interesting facts about local arts and culture
  • Your favourite building, business or cultural landmark
  • Interesting photos or video links taken in the District

More information can be found at

  1. The Great Exhibition of the North will be a two-month spectacular to showcase the best of Northern art, culture and design to national and international audiences.
  2. It will not be at a fixed venue but will utilise various sites and settings.
  3. There is a financial incentive for both the District and the wider North.

Here’s those hashtags again – #BradfordGXn and #GreatNorthExpo2018