Local Skills Improvement Plan

Local Skills Improvement Plans

Funded by the UK Government, West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is leading two Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) programmes, one for West Yorkshire and the other for York and North Yorkshire.

The Chamber tendered to deliver these programmes for both West and North Yorkshire and announced in September 2022 that had been successful. It is delivering the West Yorkshire programme in conjunction with Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

The LSIP programme has significant support from key stakeholders including further education colleges, universities, independent training providers, local and combined authorities, the LEP, business groups, employer representative bodies and trade associations.

The plans draw on a range of evidence, from in-depth conversations with the business community through one-to-one meetings, focus groups, roundtables, workshops, surveys, and large-scale events. The plans set out our understanding of local circumstances, needs and aspirations across various aspects of business: large to small, sector to clusters, cross-theming to geographies. The LSIPs address each aspect and what we will measure to demonstrate real and sustainable progress.

The development of the two LSIPs, and their implementation, is underpinned by continuous engagement with partners, stakeholders, and businesses.

We are clear on the changes we want to see for our business community and will be building on work already underway in many of these areas. To deliver on all the changes we will emphasise facilitating the discussions to set out how we will get there by proactively and positively engaging with education providers to stimulate transformational and real change.


“Businesses have been struggling to find the best talent to drive their firms forward. This has kept productivity low and hampered growth. With LSIPs, we can change all of this.”
James Mason, Chief Executive, West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce