Liveability Leeds

Liveability Leeds

Delivering housing choice for the people of Leeds

The right housing development in the right places, with the right supporting infrastructure, brought forward to meet the needs of existing and future communities, will not only be a catalyst for neighbourhood prosperity but is so fundamental to realising the ambitions for city-wide economic growth as set out within the Council’s Inclusive Growth Strategy.  As members of the housing development community, we have a role to play in ensuring that new housing supports and drives prosperity for all the people of Leeds in line with Leeds City Council’s “Strong Economy, Compassionate City” agenda and the Inclusive Growth Strategy. New housing should contribute to creating and sustaining attractive neighbourhoods and to providing access to effective and efficient transport links, quality education and employment opportunities.

This report has been put together by a diverse range of housing professionals, representing all parts of the industry, to set out the concept of Liveable Leeds and the role we can all play in helping to fulfil ambitions to be the Best city in the UK by 2030. We recognise the private housing sector (in all its forms) has a responsibility to work collaboratively with the public sector to ensure Leeds does deliver the quality and quantity of housing it needs. 

David Rolinson
Chair of Spawforths and Chair of Leeds Housing Forum, Chamber of Commerce

Liveability Leeds Report

What is Leeds like as a place to live and is the importance of aligning economic growth and housing delivery fully recognised, not just in terms of the number of new homes but also in respect of creating a “liveable” place?