Intellectual Property

Protecting your businesses intellectual property is important. From branding, design and inventions.

Intellectual property comes in two main forms:

  1. Protection for your business in the form of copyright, trademarks, registered designs and patents.
  2. The knowledge, know-how and unique offerings of your business.

It is a fact that most businesses have no idea of the intellectual property within the business and, therefore, make no effort to protect it.

The Chamber intellectual property adviser can help you understand what intellectual property you haveĀ  and how to protect it. We can also produce a full audit report covering all the main areas of IP.

Just like every other tangible and intangible asset your intellectual property is important in your business and it is important that you both understand it, protect it and value it.

IP adds value to your business right now, protecting it gives you significant advantage over your competitors and stops them copying you. When the time comes to plan your exit strategy from the business, quality protected IP can add significant value to a business’ value.

To understand more about your intellectual property and how the Chamber can help you please call Scott Sellars on 01274 230074 or send an email.