Employment Land

Creating space for future success

Why an Employment Land Report?

Bradford’s economic growth strategy (published in March 2018) makes reference to the bringing forward of employment land and office accommodation to support new and existing business growth.  The strategy’s targets include raising GVA by £4bn, getting 20,000 more people into work and raising the skills level of 48,000 to NVQ3 – all by 2030.

The strategy states that three sites within the District will be used to create ‘enterprise zones’ (areas with fiscal incentives to encourage businesses to relocate), and therefore support growth.  It is an acknowledgement of the increasing ‘noise’ being made on this topic by businesses from various sectors, of diverse sizes but, unfortunately, it will probably not be enough to placate those businesses, now or in the future.  In short, there is a growing gap between supply and demand, due to fewer sites coming forward to replace the ones taken up. 

Employment Land Report

Creating space for future success in Bradford