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Business & Education

Links between education and business are crucial if our local areas are to be successful and the economy is to continue to grow.  The Chamber therefore engages with our key education institutions and encourages our members to also become involved in various projects and initiatives that can support pupil and student development.

This is a two-way street, of course, as businesses want to recruit from the best possible labour pool that they can, and would prefer to look closer to home in the first instance; but this is not the main reason that businesses engage in such activity: they recognise that communities become better, stronger and more self-sufficient with a higher-qualified, trained and education workforce – and this helps develop and sustain the local and regional economy.

The Chamber runs or is involved with a range of initiatives that support learning and connecting business to young people, and is also represented on several stakeholder bodies to provide business input into decision-making in this area.

Education organisations are on all three of our key policy-making groups in Bradford, Leeds and York & North Yorkshire, and we have many schools and education-related charities (?) in our membership.

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