Bradford Property Forum

Bradford Chamber Property Forum

The forum meets quarterly to provide both a networking platform and an information-sharing opportunity for organisations connected through this sector.

The group hears from speakers on, for example, planning issues, regeneration initiatives and land/housing problems and solutions.  Sub-sectors that attend the (usually breakfast) events include surveyors, agents, engineers, architects, developers and planners.

Bradford Council and local housing associations also join in, with councillors and supporting officers invited along to speak or field questions as and when appropriate.  Recent issues discussed include: employment land allocations, flooding, city regeneration and housing needs.

Current Campaigns

  • Transport
  • City Centre
  • Housing
  • Employment Land

Steering Group Members

  1. Marianne McCallum, BPF Chair
  2. Jonathan O’Connor, BPF Vice-Chair / Walker Singleton Chartered Surveyors
  3. David Coe, Barratt & David Wilson Homes Yorkshire West
  4. Jennifer Winyard, Barratt & David Wilson Homes Yorkshire West
  5. Julian Jackson, Bradford Council
  6. Stephen McManus, Chartback
  7. Clive Brook, Clive Brook Planning
  8. Paul Young, Gordons LLP
  9. Rupert Pometsey, Incommunities Group
  10. Catherine Riley, Kirkgate Centre
  11. Allan Booth, Rance Booth Smith Architects
  12. Sonny Sharma, Sharma Williamson
  13. Simon Mydlowski, Knights
  14. Justin Robinson, Hayfield Robinson
  15. Yaseen Mohammed, Y Property
  16. Richard Merrills, Watson Batty

Sandy  Needham, West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

Mark  Goldstone, West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

Mike  Cartwright, West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

Employment Land Report
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