Black Asian Minority Ethnic Business Committee

Black Asian Minority Ethnic Business Committee

The Chamber has formed a new committee to connect, support and represent Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic businesses.

Comprised of 15 members from a range of businesses, the BAME Business Committee Chair is Nasreen Karim and Vice Chair is Karl Oxford.

Meet the BAME Business Committee.


Nasreen Karim

Platinum Partnership Solicitors

My interests and passion are all things business. I oversee multiple businesses alongside my law firm Platinum Partnership Solicitors. I have recently been appointed as a Director for West & North Yorkshire Chamber. I think it is key that influential BAME businesses act as go between in order to bridge the gap between the chamber and organisations that have been traditionally hard to reach.

Karl Oxford

African and Caribbean Business Ventures

My business is called African and Caribbean Business Ventures.

I am involved in the BAME committee because I think I can help the committee (and the Chamber) to increase the participation of BAME businesses within the wider business structures and services.

Saleem Kader

Bombay Stores Group

I have run various brands from the city of Bradford for over 50 years and would like to promote, and enable equal opportunities, with members of the BAME community within the Chamber and other decision making organisations within the city and region.

Yaseen Mohammed

Y Property Ltd

I have over 20 years’ experience in the property industry and run my own development consultancy.

I’m passionate about Bradford and keen to connect my significant network from the BAME business community to the chamber and its various services. I’m  confident that the BAME committee can act as the ideal conduit to make this happen!

Danny Malik

Premier Housing

I’m the director of Premier Housing, we specialise in commercial & residential property development & management.

I’m involved with the BAME committee as I believe it is a vital vehicle to ensure & help with the full inclusion & representation of bame businesses & to help give them a voice where necessary.

Nasar Hussain


Director at itc. – we connect organisations nationwide to affordable, best of breed internet connectivity and telecoms services ensuring businesses are equipped for the UK digital upgrade.
Working with the Chamber board will allow me to facilitate conversations, with my extensive network, in order to further enhance inclusivity and representation.

Asma Iqbal

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

As a Yorkshire business and a member of the BAME community I am passionate about seeing BAME businesses thrive in these difficult times – a voice that integrates and collaborates businesses to help the economy prosper in the Yorkshire region is what inspired me to become a part of the BAME business committee.

Yvonne Hall

Palm Cove Society

I am the Managing Director of Palm Cove Society. Within our BAME Communities there are many unsupported entrepreneurs and small business owners. The BAME Committee has an exciting opportunity to share knowledge and experiences BAME entrepreneurs and business owners have to drive their businesses forward.

Luqman Rashid

Hillcrest Wealth Management

Director at Hillcrest Wealth Management, part of St. James’s Place Partnership a FTSE 100 company.
I want to shorten the disconnect with the Chamber and the BAME business community. Encouraging members to join and being an advocate of the advantages, also bridging the gap of misunderstanding on both sides.

Rehan Ahmed

Quantuma Advisory

I am Managing Director at Quantuma Advisory.

I want to see the BAME community have their proportional say in the business world. I want to be able to be in a position where the BAME business community are not seen as a BAME community but working with everyone as one community.

Sherad Dewedi

Shenward Chartered Accountants

Managing Partner at Shenward Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors. I became a part of the BAME committee as I recognise many BAME business owners are not aware of the help and support that is available to them. I want to raise awareness of the Chamber’s support system as well as engage business leaders to shape the wider local economic strategy.

Sharon Jandu

Yorkshire Asian Business Association

I am the MD of the Yorkshire Asian Business Association, Project Director Northern Asian Power list and COO Global Diversity Positive Action a charity established to work with vulnerable communities.

The BAME business committee represents an exciting opportunity to engage organisations in our region.

Lincon  Oakley


My current role as a Development & Enterprise Director for MOBE – enabled me explore business links with voluntary and private business.
My reasons for wanting to become a member of the Chamber is to support young BAME businesses in the local community, through mentoring and coaching. I have over forty years of business experience both in the private and public sector.