Leadership groups

Representing your business

Leeds President Paula Dillon

Members set the agenda, drive policy formation and assist representation activity through local Leadership Groups in Bradford, Leeds and York & North Yorkshire.

Each group represents a cross section of companies based within its geographical area.  They are chaired by their local president and membership is open to all members. Chamber governance rules require that a third of group members seek re-election on an annual basis. We actively encourage nominations from the wider membership, so if you would like to represent your sector and help provide the voice of business then please look out for notifications.



York & North Yorkshire President, Bridget Davies

Key decision-makers and other ‘movers and shakers’ are often invited to attend
group meetings.  These often include MPs, the Bank of England, senior council officers and elected members.  The Leadership Group can also request that an issue be delegated to or taken up by another formal or informal policy group, such as York’s Property Forum, Bradford’s Local Affairs Committee, or the West & North Yorkshire Transport Group.

The Bank of England’s Regional Agent regularly updates the Chamber; representatives from the Leadership Groups meet regularly with MPs and Local Authority leadership to share what they’re doing for business and discuss issues raised by our members.

If you’re interested in learning more about our various policy groups, contact us on 0113 247 0000 / 01274 230057 / 01904 567838


Bradford President Nick Garthwaite


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