From Common Market to Single Market

From Common Market to European Community1949 Council of Europe created

1952 Paris Treaty leads to formation of European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). Member states include West Germany, France, Italy Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

1958 Treaties of Rome lead to formation European Economic Community (EEC) (also known as the Common Market)

1973 EEC expands to take in UK, Ireland and Denmark

1981 Greece joins EEC

1985 Greenland votes to leave EEC

1986 Portugal and Spain join the EEC

1989 German reunification

1993 Maastricht Treaty leads to creation of the European Union and the ‘Single Market’. Euro currency established

1995 Austria, Sweden and Finland join the EU

1994 Formation of the European Economic Area, which included Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, allowing European Free Trade Association member access to the Single Market

1999 Euro currency replaces national currencies in participating countries with the establishment of the European Central Bank

2004 Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia join the EU

2007 Romania and Bulgaria join EU

2013 Croatia joins EU

2016 UK referendum on continued membership of the EU…..




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