European issues and debates

Eu, in or out debate

Brexit Negotiations (updated 04 April 2018)

The Chamber’s ‘Brexit Checklist’ for businesses (and not simply those importing or exporting) is available to download here.

The British Chambers of Commerce Director of Trade Facilitation, Liam Smyth, has written an article on the implications for international trade in a post-Brexit Britain.

The 1,300 word article is available here.

The Government is consulting on potential future customs arrangements following Brexit.

While we have held several meetings with businesses and officials as part of our information-gathering, we still welcome other comments.

The Government’s consultation paper is here.

A briefing on the consultation, inc. relevant questions about two options being considered, is here.

Euro-zone? Free Trade Association? European Economic Area?  Who’s in what?  (Bloomberg Graphics)

EU citizens living and working in the UK: What is Likely to Happen? (Shulmans’ Alan Kennedy, 8 July)

Brexit: What Happens Next? (House of Commons Library briefing paper, 30 June)

The website of ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ has useful articles and blogs (this is a group of academics presenting information in an impartial way).

Constitutional practicalities of leaving the EU.

What is the EU?

What are the institutions within the EU

From Common Market to Single Market

The EU Deal

The Campaigns

The Leeds debate – a summary

Open Europe

What the campaigns were saying about the issues

Full Fact is an impartial fact-checking organisation that has published a check of the leaflets that the Stronger In and Vote Leave campaigns have circulated.

Those leaflets can be found here.

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