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Brexit Negotiations (updated 26th November 2018)

West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, along with our national network through the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), is focused on the practicalities of Brexit for business. Since the EU referendum was held in 2016, your Chamber and the BCC has campaigned for answers to the pragmatic concerns of business.

The UK government and the European Commission must focus on the future trading relationship, and agree a deal that minimises further adjustment costs and also answers the many practical questions that trading businesses still face.  Resources are available to help businesses prepare for the change and to assess the progress of the negotiations.

Business Brexit Checklist

We believe that all firms – not just those directly and immediately affected – should be undertaking a Brexit ‘health check’, and a broader test of existing business plans.

While a final settlement between the UK and EU remains to be agreed, there are steps that all firms can take to start planning for the future. BCC’s ‘Business Brexit Checklist’ below will help companies consider the changes that Brexit may bring, and help to plan at both operational and Board level.

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Brexit Risk Register

The BCC has also published the two-dozen top real-world questions being asked on Brexit by businesses, where clarity is urgently needed so that firms can plan their post-Brexit trade.

As a deal gets closer, Chambers of Commerce will be assessing progress against these questions. To date, businesses have had some assurances on the status of EU nationals in the UK workforce and on the industrial standards regime – hence the ‘amber’ ratings for these two issues.

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Brexit Agreement FAQs

On 14 November the UK and European Commission jointly published an updated version of the draft Withdrawal Agreement (WA) and outline Political Declaration (PD). These documents represent the agreements reached by the UK’s and EU’s negotiating teams.

Following the publication of the Withdrawal Agreement, the BCC has put together a FAQ on the agreement and the likely next steps in the process.

Our priority is to assess the implications of these proposals, working closely with Chamber business communities across the UK.

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Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

On 25th November 2018, the UK and European Commission agreed the text of the UK Withdrawal Agreement (WA) and Political Declaration (PD).

The BCC has analysed the level of clarity for business that the proposed Brexit agreements provide on the key areas covered by our Risk Register and Business Brexit Checklist.

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