Europe – All You Need To Know (For Now!)

EU referendum guideUncertainty over the pending EU Referendum is now a growing worry for many companies.

The information and web-links below are available to help inform businesses about the key issues surrounding this topic.  Updates will be provided as the situation on this matter changes.

The referendum formally gets underway on 15 April, so more info from the lead campaign groups will be available then.


Reality Check: The EU Referendum (BBC web-page with lots of short articles – typically 150-200 words – on aspects relating to the EU) [added 4 March 2016]

Impact, Perceptions & Consequences (Yorkshire Building Society presentation to Chamber, 1 March 2016) [added 3 March]

What Britain wants from Europe (BBC Q&A, 13 May 2015 – 1,600 words)

Pros & Cons of Britain Leaving the EU (‘The Week’ magazine – 1,170 words)

Pros & Cons of EU membership (YouTube video of Sky’s Ed Coleman – 2.13 mins)

Pros & Cons of an Early Referendum (politically, not economically; ‘Open Europe’ article – 670 words’. Open Europe is a think-tank wanting radical reform of the EU)

What has the EU done for us? (Daily Telegraph, 16 May 2014; 2,800 words)

(Three of the five articles above can be downloaded in one single document here.  That is, not including the ‘Reality’ and ‘Impact’ articles.)

Spending contributions and receipts of individual member countries is available here..

British Chambers’ latest EU Barometer results can be found here.

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